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The capabilities of Immediate Connect include:

Beginner-friendly platform

Immediate Connect appears to place a primary emphasis on the opportunities it presents for novice traders, but does not exclude more experienced professionals from its target audience. As it promotes its capabilities for automated trading, users will be expected to set their parameters and then leave the software to carry out the task exactly as instructed. Despite this, users will still have the opportunity to engage in manual trading, giving them the flexibility to personalize their trading experience to better suit their preferences.


Because the people behind Immediate Connect bot aren’t very forthcoming with the information they provide about how their platform works, success rates, or even historical performance, we can only speculate about how its software operates. The fact that traders won’t have to be actively involved in their efforts when trading with Immediate Connect is the product’s primary selling point. The software takes care of everything, but before we get into that, let’s take a look at how a trading platform of this type typically operates.

In general, algorithms are trained to define the most worthwhile trades by making use of price patterns based on the asset’s price data. This will be the benchmark for determining whether value is more likely to increase or decrease (typically in the short-term for cryptocurrency). Trades will be automatically placed in a matter of seconds, and execution of those trades may take place in the same amount of time.

Facilitation of transactions involving multiple assets

Immediate Connect does support multi-asset trading, and this can be a useful feature for users who want to eventually diversify their portfolios. Even though you may only be interested in cryptocurrencies, this feature can be beneficial for users who want to eventually diversify their portfolios. This feature could influence a trader’s choice regarding whether or not to sign up for the platform, and it could even boost the platform’s credentials (after all, its audience isn’t just limited to crypto, so it’s less likely to be a scam because of this).

Once again, the immediate Connect software does itself a disservice by not clearly outlining the Forex pairs, stock types, or CFDs that can be traded. This is an issue because the software is intended to facilitate trading. This does not include any information regarding the availability of leveraged trading, and if this is an extremely relevant facet of these types of trading, it does not look good. Keep in mind that even though you won’t need leverage to trade cryptocurrencies, this may still serve as an indicator of how reliable the exchange is.

Free trial account

Even though we discussed the demo trading account earlier on, there is an additional advantage of being able to learn exactly how Immediate Connect’s algorithms will perform under current market conditions. This can be a worthwhile aspect of trading on this platform because it allows you to learn exactly how Immediate Connect’s algorithms will react to current market conditions.

Support for mobile platforms and capabilities that span multiple platforms

The fact that the Immediate Connect trading platform does not presently offer a mobile application is one of the platform’s potential drawbacks; however, the absence of a mobile app is not necessarily a deal breaker for the majority of traders. Because the platform is accessible from any device that can connect to the web, there are cross-platform capabilities available for users to exploit. With a dependable internet connection, users can access the Immediate Connect platform from any location in the world (with the exception of the United States).

The protocol for security

The Immediate Connect website makes the claim that it uses encryption of a military-grade caliber in order to protect the data and trade information of users during the signup and trading processes. Because, once again, there is no supporting information regarding how Immediate Connect stores funds in users’ accounts, it might be a good idea to conduct some research and find information from users who already have active accounts in the system.