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The Qualities of an Effective Spiritual Director

Spiritual exercise with expectation (Sakaam saadhanaa): This is religious practice completed with the expectations of worldly advantage

For example: Saying prayers or making offerings or fasting or doing a little rituals to

Gain wealth
Get a job
Finding lost objects
Conceive a infant
Overcome an contamination
Ensure the safety of a loved one
Spiritual exercise with out spiritual director expectation (Nishkaam saadhanaa): This is spiritual practice completed with the only goal of religious increase. Thus,Guest Posting in this mode of religious exercise, seekers of spiritual growth will retain with their non secular exercise while using each occasion of their lifestyles for spiritual boom. If at all they may be confronted with a tough state of affairs they will use the scenario to grow spiritually by means of decreasing their ego or surrendering the final results of the state of affairs to God’s desire.

A assessment of sakaam and nishkaam modes of religious practice:

When we do religious exercise a sure quantity of religious electricity is generated. Now whilst the religious electricity is directed toward worldly benefit as in sakaam mode of spiritual practice desires may be fulfilled however non secular increase does now not arise. This is comparable to trying to fill a jar with a leak; the jar in no way receives complete. When we do nishkaam non secular practice then all the power generated from spiritual practice is used to gas religious boom. When a seeker of God does nishkaam religious exercise not simplest does non secular increase occur however his fabric and worldly requirement are also taken care of.

The seeker experiences worldly happiness through doing sakaam religious practice whilst he reviews Bliss by using doing nishkaam religious practice.

The difference in sakam and nishkam religious practice
Prayer made to God for worldly advantage (sakaam) and with none expectation (nishkaam) –
Sakaam spiritual practice (Prayer made to God with worldly wants to be fulfilled) activates the saviour aspect of God. The result for worldly want to be granted however depends at the depth of the religious exercise and the future that one has to go through. Nishkaam religious exercise activates the Guru or the coaching principle of God. As a end result the seeker experiences non secular increase.
Nishkaam religious practice turns on the saviour component of God. As a end result the worldly elements of seeker’s lifestyles are looked after by the God.

Nishkaam religious practice activates the destroyer factor of God and this factor of God removes the obstruction from absolutely everyone who is troubling the seeker

When we do Sakaam non secular practice we activate the saviour thing of the God precept. The final end result of what we pray or want for is particularly influenced by using the intensity of our religious exercise (sadhanaa) and our destiny. When we do Nishkaam non secular practice we set off the Guru principle or the Teaching Principle of God that appears after our religious boom. However in conjunction with this we also spark off the saviour issue o